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A DIFFERENT WAY TO CLEAN! Steam Vapor cleans surfaces more than 10 times better than traditional cleaning methods according to a University of Washington study! 

Steam Vapor Cleaning

We are passionate about cleaning and we can clean your house better than any other house cleaning service!  First of all, we are the most ECO FRIENDLY maid service bar none!  We don't use any toxic cleaners that can poison or otherwise contaminate surfaces.  Instead we utilize 310 degrees Fahrenheit steam vapor at 110 psi (pounds per square inch) on kitchen counters, sinks, faucets, appliances, stove tops, oven fronts, refrigerator doors, microwaves inside and out, etc. bathroom mirrors, counters, sinks, faucets, toilets, bathtubs, bathtub jets, showers including loofahs, sponges, pumice stones etc.that should never be sprayed with a toxic cleaner.

There are 3 categories of cleaning. Steam vapor goes beyond the first 2 categories. Category 1: Cleaning - wiping away dirt or debris. Traditional cleaning companies generally reach this level. Category 2: Sanitizing - reducing biological contaminates to a safe level determined by health officials. Restaurant kitchens are required by law to reach or exceed this level of cleaning. Category 3: Sterilizing - eliminating all biological contaminates. Hospital operating rooms require this level of cleaning. 248 degrees Fahrenheit steam vapor does that in less than 2 seconds including some very hardy contaminates such as C Diff and Staph which other than steam vapor can only be controlled by bleach or peroxide both of which are highly toxic. 1) A study completed by the University of Washington at Odegard Undergraduate Library, which is used by as many 15,000 students daily, provides evidence of the superiority of steam vapor cleaning over traditional cleaning methods. Their test used steam vapor at 248 degrees Fahrenheit. Our steamers produce steam vapor at 310 degrees Fahrenheit which is over 60 degrees hotter. Swab tests compared the cleanliness of the two cleaning methods and the results were not even close. Steam vapor cleaned surfaces were more than 10 times cleaner than surfaces cleaned by traditional methods.  They also noted steam vapor cleaning completely eliminated the possibilities of toxic residues left by traditional cleaning methods that could poison or otherwise contaminate surfaces which may create a myriad of health problems including food poisoning, skin rashes or burns and in extreme cases over a prolonged period may result in heart, lung or liver diseases or even cancer.

Sustainable Micro Fiber

We continue our ECO FRIENDLY method of cleaning by using dusters, mop heads, and cleaning towels that are made of micro fiber which are reusable and helps sustain our environment. We don't use any of those items house to house.  We only take clean rags, mops and dusters into your home.  All used items are contained in our vehicle.  The micro fiber towels we use, 2) Nano Towels, are almost magical and are commonly referred to as a dirt magnet. They can absorb up to 10 ounces of water without dripping. The manufacturer of Nano Towels recommends these towels not be used with any chemicals and that using them with only water eliminates 99.8% of germs. We use 2) Nano Towels to wipe surfaces and items that have been steamed. 2) Nano Towels and/or micro fiber dusters are used to dust pictures, wall hangings, window ledges, table tops, end tables, book shelves, dressers, night stands and much more.  We use a solution of vinegar and water to clean floors, glass, switch plates, door knobs and other items where needed. For more information you may Google 2) Nano Towels to find You Tube videos where they claim that using this towel with just water cleans better than using toxic cleaners.

Top Rated Vacuum

We use America's top rated vacuum cleaner, the powerful Shark Lift Away, Duo Clean Speed, which has two brushes instead of one and transitions easily with just the touch of a button from carpet to wood, tile, stone or linoleum. This model allows us to vacuum under couches, chairs, coffee tables, dressers, night stands or beds etc. that have 3 1/2 inches or more clearance.  You will be amazed at how well this vacuum cleans your floors.

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More Good News!

We accept cash, checks or credit cards at time of service or we can invoice via your email.  Typically, cleaning services charge either by the hour or square footage. Green Steam Maids prices are based primarily by the hour. One time cleans and first time cleans are priced by the hour.  Recurring cleans are based on how long it takes to typically clean a house depending on it's size and we can give you a firm price when we do an on sight inspection. According to Google, our hourly rate is the lowest of all maid services and maid services range from that price point up to double our hourly rate. We raised our per hour rate this year and it was the first time we have had a rate increase since we started Green Steam Maids in 2014 so we do not anticipate another increase anytime soon.  So in addition to cleaning your house better than other cleaning services we do it cheaper as well!